TLE Law assists First Nations in navigating self-government complexities and revitalizing Indigenous laws and governance.

Our team is dedicated to supporting First Nation clients in navigating the complexities of self-government and implementing effective governance structures.

We understand the significance of revitalizing Indigenous laws and governance processes, enabling First Nations to exercise their inherent jurisdiction. With our extensive experience in Aboriginal law, we provide invaluable guidance in various legal areas to help you establish a strong foundation for governance.

Our services include:

Election Codes

We assist in the development and implementation of custom election codes, ensuring that electoral processes are fair, transparent, and in line with the unique needs of your community. Our team provides guidance on creating election policies, voter eligibility, nomination procedures, campaigning, and dispute resolution.


We offer expertise in drafting and implementing policies tailored to the specific requirements of First Nations. Whether you need assistance with governance policies, land management policies, employment policies, or any other area, we ensure that your policies align with legal frameworks and community goals.

Council Resolutions

Our team provides guidance in drafting and reviewing band council resolutions, which play a crucial role in decision-making processes within First Nations. We ensure that resolutions are properly structured, comply with relevant laws and regulations, and accurately reflect the intentions and priorities of your community.

Membership Codes

We assist in the development and review of membership codes, which define the criteria for membership within a First Nation. Our team helps ensure that membership codes comply with legal requirements and align with the unique cultural and historical context of your community.


We offer expertise in the development and review of regulations that govern specific areas of First Nation governance. Whether it’s land management regulations, environmental regulations, or other regulatory frameworks, we provide guidance to ensure compliance and effective governance.


Our team can help in drafting, reviewing, and amending constitutions, which serve as fundamental documents outlining the governance structure, powers, and rights of a First Nation. We work closely with you to ensure that your constitution accurately reflects the values, aspirations, and legal requirements of your community.



We provide guidance in developing procedures for various governance processes, such as decision-making, dispute resolution, land management, and more. Our team helps establish clear and effective procedures that promote transparency, accountability, and community engagement.


At TLE Law, we are committed to serving First Nations by providing tailored legal solutions that support effective governance and the revitalization of Indigenous laws. Trust our experienced team to be your dedicated partner in navigating the complexities of Aboriginal Law and achieving your community’s goals. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist you.

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